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 What paperwork is required?

The paperwork that is required before the wedding day to be completed is the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM). This must be lodged with your celebrant not earlier than 18 months before the date of the marriage and not later than one month before the date of the marriage. The NOIM is lodged not with a governmental body but actually me your celebrant. I will supply the Notice of Intended Marriage along with all the necessary legal documentation. The NOIM should be lodged as soon as possible, it is necessary that I witness both signatures on the NOIM. If this is not possible at the same time I will organise for another time when it is appropriate for the second signature to be obtained.

If you decide to go ahead and utilise me as your celebrant, I am required to site your original Birth Certificate or an Extract if you have been born in Australia. If you have been born overseas and have a current passport that will suffice in lieu of a Birth Certificate but a Birth Certificate can also be shown to the celebrant. If you are a divorced person you must show the document relevant to the termination of the previous marriage or if you are a widow or widower you must show the Death Certificate. If a legal name change has occurred then a change of name certificate will need to be sited.

Can we write our own vows?
Of course! And if you need a little help, getting them right, just ask. That’s what you have me for!

Do we have to?
No! You should see all the options I have for you in my homework books. Writing the perfect ceremony for you couldn’t be easier. Just watch things bounce off the page, when they feel good to you.

How long will the ceremony go for?
I always ask that you budget for about 30 minutes, from the time we first see a bridesmaid on her way down the aisle, until the time the happy Mr& Mrs are making their exit down the aisle. Most ceremonies will fit perfectly into that time frame.

What are your fees?

My fees are clearly outlined on my fees page however I urge you to not make your decision based on price.
A truly professional celebrant is well worth the investment. The difference in hiring a true professional is striking. There are a hundred details which contribute to a great ceremony, and of course you are not expected to know all of them!! Suffice to say that it is probably only in meeting face to face that you can truly decide who will best meet your needs and desires and inspire you with the confidence that they will indeed deliver on their promises. And always remember what your mother told you – “you get what you pay for”!!

What will you wear?
I always make every effort to co-ordinate as best I can to your bridal colours and styles, so tell me what colours your bridesmaids are wearing, what flowers you will carry, and the theme of your wedding, so I can fit in as best I can.

Should I be late?
No. Think of your guests. Treat them with respect. Think of your groom - he's waiting for you. Think of your schedule for the day. You'll probably run out of time for your photos, if you are late. If you are worried about guests arriving late, invite them for 15 minutes, before you plan to arrive.

What about music?
You can bring a usb or cd with the music for your ceremony and play it through my PA system. I will need you to organise someone to do it. How do I do that? Playlists! You will need a song to come down the aisle. Choose something you love – it doesn’t have to be traditional – and put it in a playlist called AISLE SONG. You’ll need 2 songs to cover the signing. Put the one you like most first, then the other one, after that. Call that playlist SIGNING SONGS.

But what music do I choose?
Pick something you love – your favourite song is always a good choice. Something that will make you and your partner feel special and that makes you smile. That’s your best choice.


Will you bring the readings for the ceremony?
Yes! Always. I will have a printed copy for all readings in case the readers forget.

Do we really need a back-up plan?
Yes! You really do. We all hope that your day is shiny and bright blue – but you never know…. It is worth spending a little extra, or making arrangements with your reception venue, for just in case. Your guests will not thank you for making them stand in the rain, unprotected. They won’t hear a word we say – they’ll be too busy thinking about getting wet.

What if its really hot!?
Shade! We need shade! And water – for everyone. It costs very, very little to fill a couple eskies with water bottles – and there is always a couple of friends willing to help – but this small gesture will make all the difference to your guests’ comfort on the Big Day.

We aren’t really very traditional….
You don’t have to have a formal, traditional ceremony, at all. You can be light and friendly and casual, or funny, or elegant and simple – or anything you like. No need to pretend you are anything that you aren’t…I pride myself on personal romantic and fun ceremonies.


Do we really need a rehearsal?
Aaah! That one. Well, if you want one, or if it will make you feel more comfortable, of course we can do one. But if it’s not possible, or you don’t have to time, don’t worry, I will be there in plenty of time to sort everything – and everyone - out, before the ceremony. I make sure everything runs professionally.

Our parents don’t speak English!
No worries. More than half of my gorgeous couples are just like you. I have lots of lovely ideas to make your parents, guests and grandparents feel more welcome. I can phonetically learn some words for you as you give it as long as you coach me a little.

Should we invite the celebrant to the reception?
Unless the celebrant is a family friend or relative and would normally be invited to the reception, usually the celebrant is not invited to the reception. There is no expectation of an invitation to your reception and the celebrant will not be offended if you do not ask her. But I can always be tempted to stay and share a glass of bubbles to celebrate the happy occasion!!

When should we book our celebrant?
As the peak wedding times of September-May are often booked well in advance, it is wise to book your celebrant early.

You married our friends….
Excellent! I love a reunion. Tell me who it was, and I bet I remember every detail.

It’s only a little wedding…..
Big or small, it’s your wedding day, so let’s make it as beautiful as we possibly can. Some of the most wonderful weddings I have been a part of have been 6 people or less.

We want you! We really do! But we are on a really, really tight budget…
Talk to me. If you can be flexible with time or date, I can help. I would rather you talk to me about it, and let me help you, than let you end up not getting what you want.